The Real Deal

LJarchive: Harley De Quinyx?! OMFG…

09 May 2002 @ 18:05

threesomes and gymnasiums  

i went to the gym today and made friends with those stupid people from kingswood. actually, they’re really cool. they were just pricks to us the first time we met them. one of their names is mark, and i don’t know the others name (he didn’t tell us), but he looks alot like therealshaft.
ally kept telling them that i wanted to have a three some with tim and peter. but i don’t even know who the fuck they are. apparently they’re guys who like me. i’ll probably meet them again next week. i like mark and the ben-look-alike. they’re really cool and all. perhaps i’ll go to the channel again some time.

gah. my journal entries lead nowhere and are full of boring shit. so i’ll just post another picture for all your viewing pleasure.

Current Mood: fat and unhealthy

Current Music: drive – incubus

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