The Real Deal

LJarchive – 11 november 2001, 8:55pm

11 November 2001 @ 20:55

>> quite strange…  

i’ve been having weird dreams lately.

the dream i had last night was that i wasn’t going out with james, but with an ex of mine – reggie. and all this weird stuff happened like we were in the cinema’s, but the movie was playing on a small tv in the corner of the room instead of the big screen.

the night before, i dreamt that i was going out with daniel instead of james. and we were in parramatta racing eachother and laughing about who’d get to the foodcourt first. then he caught me and my legs swung in the air (think of one of those soppy romantic scenes in a movie or something). then all these retarded (no ofense or anything!) people started running past us out of the cinemas.

strange. why the hell in my dreams aren’t i with james? i don’t mind if i don’t dream about him… but if i dream about being with someone else, that’s just silly of me… bleh.

Current Mood: confused

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