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19 September 2001 @ 15:46

>> funny  

today was a pretty fun day, actually.
this is my whole day:
english: i got told off by the teacher for talking too much, but i wrote i pretty cool story about “bloody mary” and “candyman” so that was cool.
pe: i kept stacking it and it was volleyball! who knew that you could injure yourself in a non contact, boring, slow sport? but everyone was laughing at me. i was so hypo that it was cool. if it was basketball, i’d probably have knocked myself out on the concrete… hehe.
maths: i got detention for being out of uniform, for frikken maths! anyways, our teacher was having a full mental at everyone. god knows why!
sciene: me, ally, aj and brenton were going off! we were having stacks of fun and everything! i whacked my head against the edge of the table and think i have a bruise… oh well. it was all in good fun. we were doing “quiz” shit things, but it was cool.
not bad for a school day, aye?
oh well, i was entertained…


Current Mood: amused

Current Music: dead bodies everywhere – korn

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