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Tree, Carpet, plus more J and B names

07 August 2001 @ 21:53

> Tree vs Carpet…  

“Tree” and “carpet”… I feel so bad. I want to say something about it… but then again I don’t want to say anything because I know that “tree” and/or “carpet” or one of their friends or whoever the hell would read it…
I just need to get it out of my system but if I say the story, it’s so obvious who/what it is that I’mt alking about… I’m stuffed.

I was talking to James about something and how when you love someone, you never stop loving them. That’s true, but for the story I told him… that wasn’t the story i had in mind, it’s just a different story I used to cover the real one up… I bet that’s really confusing, isn’t it?

Oh god this is so confusing… I wish I could’ve chosen a different path in life isn’t of this one that I am leading through right now… *sigh*
What do you do when you like someone, but you like their best friend too? You don’t know who you like better… one is much nicer, but the other is much better looking [physically]. One is more mature than the other in relationships, one is more mature than the other in friendships. One is more violent, the other is more moody [mood swings]. Who the fuck to choose?

What the fuck can make you choose? How do you choose one without hurting the other?
You choose one, and lose the friendship with the other. Choose the other but know that you’re hurting yourself on the inside…

I’m going to cry.
Even Brad doesn’t want to talk to me…



Current Mood: melancholy

Current Music: silence

(Anonymous) on 8th August 2001 16:40 (local)
chances are….
u sed u dont not which out of da 2, 2 choose from.
but answer me dis,
‘can best friends fall in love?’

i believe they can, but its up to the other one to give it a chance. becoz ull neva noe if it was meant to be or not. coz in most cases, it is meant to be. il give u an example;
ders dis girl (and she noes who she is), she noes dat one of her best friends is absolutely crazy for her. he told her on several occasions.dis guy noes it in his heart dat they are meant to be, but its up to the girl to give it a chance.
so if the girl is readin dis (and i noe she most probally will), pls give him a chance. but rememba
“where ever u go, and wat ever u do, i will be rite here waiting for u”

sweetbitterness on 12th August 2001 11:43 (local)
don’t know…
honestly, i don’t know how/if best friends can fall inlove…
i wish i was wiser in making decisions, but the fact is that i’m not wise.
love love love… i dont want to think about love… love is too serious for me… but i guess that you tend to go with the wrong people so that when you finally find the right one, you’ll know exactly that they’re the one for you…
its all about time, i guess…


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