Taken for a magic carpet ride

06 March 2002 @ 16:25

fucking stupid bitch. my stupid fucking ex speaks again.  

Lookie what my ex said to me today on MSN
James: whore
James: yes thats right
Alita: gee. thank you.
James: hey hey np
James: u have b/f ?
Alita: why did you call me that, though?
Alita: yes i do.
Alita: why?
James: whore
James: i new u would have already
Alita: geez, you broke up with me ages ago.
James: whore bag
Alita: am i supposed to wait for you forever?
James: houso
James: no but i didnt think u would have already got a another
Alita: jesus. who cares?
James: me
Alita: why does it bother you so much?
Alita: why?
James: whore
Alita: at least tell me why it bothers you so much instead of just calling me a whore.
James: whore
James: lol
James: u calling ur witches ?
James: to put a spell on me
Alita: oh calm down.
James: buh
Alita: i’m not doing that. they’re not witches.
James: ez
James: bs
Alita: why are you even talking to me if all you’re going to do is insult me?
James: ez
James: $$
Alita: you insulted me while we were together, and you’re insulting me again.
Alita: if you’re going to insult me, atleast say something intelligent instead of the usual boring crap that everyone calls everyone else.

He went offline after that. I guess he couldn’t think of anything to say. Stupid prick.


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