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John and I (2nd March 2002, 1:17)

John really needs to fix up his grammar and spelling. It’s really bad. Stupid boy.
John: hay whats your name
Alita: haha.
Alita: it’s kim.
John: kim who
Alita: from your geography and history class.
Alita: silly boy.
John: oooooohhhhhhhhh l know you know your friends wid da goffs
Alita: *nods*
Alita: that’s right.
Alita: shouldn’t you be asleep now?
Alita: it’s way past your bedtime.
John: no l don’t so l think it’s past your bed time why are your friends so weird
Alita: who? sara?
Alita: she just doesn’t like to conform to society. she likes to be different. be herself.
John: sara ruth and all the rest
Alita: it’s not past my bedtime. this is when i just begin to wake up.
Alita: well sara and ruth like to be different. that’s just who they are.
John: well carn’t they just be different in different ways
Alita: like what?
John: exspress them selfs with colours what does black do they just makin fools of them selfs
Alita: well they like the colour black.
Alita: all it is, is a different colour.
Alita: they do what they want.
Alita: they don’t like the colour pink and yellow, but when other people wear those colours, they don’t say anything. they don’t care.
Alita: that’s all.
John: black isn’t a colour it’s a shade just tell them to wake up to them selfs and stop feeling sorry for them selfs
Alita: sure, ok. black IS a shade, but so is grey and white. what makes black different from them?
Alita: they’re just who they are, they’re happy the way they are. may not be jumping for joy or anything, but they’d rather be the way they are now than any other way.
John: ok then they want to be freaks then send them to the circus where they belong
Alita: why should they belong in a circus?
Alita: people can wear dark blue (almost looks black) but no one says anything about them.
Alita: why is black so bad? it’s just a shade. it’s not hurting anyone.
John: no its just they where it 24,7 and the clothes they where please
Alita: they wear what they want. and it’s just clothes.
Alita: they’re not making you or any of your friends wear them.
John: nah l sore ruth walkin in like 40o heat wid a trench kote on and a really long dress
Alita: was it affecting you in any way?
Alita: SHE was wearing it, not you. so why should you mind?
John: cos it’s not normal
John: l heard there lil sluts too
Alita: that’s what makes them different. if everyone was the same, it’d be boring.
Alita: sluts? how?
John: l heard they have like 23 year old boyfriends and they go to graveyards and fuck
Alita: hahahaha! that is the funniest thing i ever heard!
Alita: well… maybe not the funniest, but it’s a load of shit.
Alita: sara’s boyfriend is 17. and ruth doesn’t have one at all.
Alita: and they’re both virgins.
John: ok then
Alita: what else have you heard?
John: that u do it a far bit too l heard you rooted chonga
Alita: me? with milton? hahaha. that’s funny too.
Alita: i’m a virgin.
John: did u go out wid milton
Alita: never.
Alita: he’s just a friend.
John: what about playstation
John: playton
Alita: clayton?
Alita: never went out with him either.
John: have you eva gorn out wid anyone at our skool
Alita: yeah, but that was back in year 7 and 8.
John: who
John: hay are u a goff
Alita: no i’m not.
John: where you
Alita: what?
John: where you a gothic
Alita: no.
Alita: i’m not a gothic, never was, never will be.
John: why
Alita: because that’s just not who i am.
Alita: i’m just myself. if you’re to call me anything, call me ecclectic.
John: what!!!!
Alita: ecclectic = different.

After that he went offline. Did he go offline because it was 1:14am, or because I made him a fool? He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, is all I can say.


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