Up-DATES for my apocalyptic end times, this time!

Phase 1 – white horseman of conquest, Antichrist, 8 October 2018

Phase 2 – red horseman of war, Whore of Babylon, 28 October 2018

Phase 3 – black horseman of pestilence, famine and disease (oh you, papa Nurgle lol), Voice of Vengeance, 15 February 2019

Phase 4 – pale horseman of death, Angel of Death, 18 May 2019

Phase 5 – Return of the Kin, 19 August 2019

Don’t forget this campaign is also running concurrently.

But this one feels more personal in nature and I guess it’s more of a general progression of character and plot development.

So I guess #02 Psychopathic activated full gear late December. Still there now, dunno when I’ll level up to #03 Goddess of Sunthing… we’ll just have to see, I guess.

There are still the other 2 graphics I made. I have no idea where/when they fit into the whole… thingy…

Threke is probably an information guide. Or… it might not start until much later.. the end of the year? I’m thinking November for some reason.

And it seems as if we’ve got friends preparing new space for us to manifest our brand knew world! I’ve read mission reports and skirmish updates. That’s nice. I figured we’d have to mow down a clearing ourselves.

Good old Echo’s Shadow or was it Spirit’s Sound… I don’t know. I don’t know who is orchestrating our support.. I didn’t know we had allies. Or rather I didn’t know *I* had allies anyway, most people think I’m treacherous for “being both and neither” one nor the other side…

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