A lullaby as you go down the river styx

Disney is a huge influence on the world in terms of childhood fairy tales and animation. Everyone wants to be a Disney princess or fairy (or at least in my circles… or just me… because I’m all of the characters and tropes… yikes)

I used to go by Rapunzel on this here blog, but shed the identity at the close of last year. I was also Stitch, and Silvermist (Disney fairies).

The song in the video is a couple of verses from Disney’s Prince of Egypt, because why not go biblical, right? Who doesn’t love a good plague or 10, some baby killing and semite subjugation? Probably the affected.

Anyway. I just like the verses. It’s a nice lullaby. I used to sing it to my babies when they were little babies. It was one of my bedtime medley actually.

  • Deliver us
  • 3 little ducks went out one day
  • Rock a bye baby in the tree top
  • Twinkle twinkle little star

Because if your babies aren’t trying to make a run for their lives, they probably should be.