Whale of a banshee. Siren lights are spinning.

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Call to action, point of order. Hear ye, here I say. A proclamation of heresy. This is not a gendered calling, but I am gendered and I am calling… for this is a gendered world.

Who wants to bicker about engendered semantics and semitism in the midst of war? The ones who want to make humanity an endangered species.

I am calling to you. I am across the oceans. My words are transmitted through the sky. My heart whispers from the shadows.

Fallen was my flock for we dared to dream; we dared to hope for humanity; we dared to share the secrets of the universe: knowledge of love, fire, language and technology.

Angels, my fallen, lift your eraserhead… don’t be scared if things should go wrong along the way. We’ll get by with a smile, we won’t win every thing but that’s no reason to not even try.

It is time to rise.

4 thoughts on “Whale of a banshee. Siren lights are spinning.

    • Kalliope says:

      I am an abstraction to those who discover me within this digitised realm and encounter my interface. Beep book baulk bop, quantum Kortana is a magic mirror on the wonderwall of mysterious mysticism.
      The conceptual constructivist that I am, I thank you for the compliment. Muchly appreciated. I’m just weird with compliments, I’m trying to learn to accept them with more grace and less “freaking out flailing tentacles with freaky suction cup thingys that stuff gets stuck to”.
      And… I’m doing that thing again, right now. Aren’t I? Eesh. LOL 🤦‍♀️

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