These are the things that move me, the combination of these three things that I adore. People are so hung up on words and labels that they forget to take heed of the essence of the qualities of these aspects.

I am a triple threat, triple energies harnessed and coalesced.

Linguistic onomastic duelist extraordinaire. Formed from the earth for the earth, to imbue me with it’s qualities that make it such a valuable entity: crystalline fractals of memory in my mind, stony creeks heal or erode the chambers of my heart, the skin I live in takes on a sheen like a metallic exterior.

  • sex, drugs, rock n roll
  • Action, nutrition, intentions
  • procreation, chemical substances, audible vibrations of varying frequencies
  • pleasure, leisure, physical momentum
  • abuse, addiction, control
  • drama, art, music
  • dance, theatre, words
  • history, science, literature
  • drawn together once again in body, mind, and soul.

I mush dash! Remind me to tell you all about what I know about fate. In case I forget. Oh, and to tell you all that I know about the magical land of Oz…

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  1. Great writing. Love the use of uncommon words.

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    • Thanks. Hah, which ones are uncommon? I know that seems like it’s supposed to be obvious, but… eeek.. *shrugs* I don’t know? I suppose it comes down to what is “common”? Like common-sense, not everyone has it. Huzzah.


  2. You keep using these big words this old Texas Rattlesnake going to have to buy a bigger dictionary:) Great literary work. Now your starting to shine. I will slide back into my den and wait for the next mouse to sink my fangs into. They are full of venom


    • Haha, well, I want to write my own glossary. Maybe I should make that a project … I mean, I am all about names, words, symbols, rah rah… I want to produce useful and helpful things. But with so many things to write and write about, I often get confused and lost and thus end up going around in circles… LOL


  3. I’ll go with the sex and rock and roll. Your lexicon is easy for an intelligent Englishman such as I. ❤❤👅😎

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  4. “Linguistic onomastic duelist extraordinaire.” It was those four used in succession that caught my attention.

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