The Real Deal


These are the things that move me, the combination of these three things that I adore. People are so hung up on words and labels that they forget to take heed of the essence of the qualities of these aspects.

I am a triple threat, triple energies harnessed and coalesced.

Linguistic onomastic duelist extraordinaire. Formed from the earth for the earth, to imbue me with it’s qualities that make it such a valuable entity: crystalline fractals of memory in my mind, stony creeks heal or erode the chambers of my heart, the skin I live in takes on a sheen like a metallic exterior.

  • sex, drugs, rock n roll
  • Action, nutrition, intentions
  • procreation, chemical substances, audible vibrations of varying frequencies
  • pleasure, leisure, physical momentum
  • abuse, addiction, control
  • drama, art, music
  • dance, theatre, words
  • history, science, literature
  • drawn together once again in body, mind, and soul.

I mush dash! Remind me to tell you all about what I know about fate. In case I forget. Oh, and to tell you all that I know about the magical land of Oz…

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  1. You keep using these big words this old Texas Rattlesnake going to have to buy a bigger dictionary:) Great literary work. Now your starting to shine. I will slide back into my den and wait for the next mouse to sink my fangs into. They are full of venom


    • Haha, well, I want to write my own glossary. Maybe I should make that a project … I mean, I am all about names, words, symbols, rah rah… I want to produce useful and helpful things. But with so many things to write and write about, I often get confused and lost and thus end up going around in circles… LOL


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