The Real Deal

Self-introduction for the self-proclaimed expert on everything

Allow me to remind you (and myself) of something. For I am all about the introduction, and I am an emergency reserve…

Pointless Overthinking

It is 6:30pm, 29th November 2018. Allow me to introduce myself for this is my first blog post to this amphitheatre of cerebral constellations. You may know me from my own website Modern Mystic Mother from stuff and places and things. Or you may have seen my RAH-TA-TA-DA-BLAH-ZAH words (that sometimes make coherent sentences..?) in the comments of this very place.

I know it seems a bit of a farce that there is DM, and BM and now there is KM. I am truly laughing hysterically in the depths of my soul. I laugh because I see it as that the three of us form a familial trinity – DM is the father who created this here page. BM is the young boy who is still hopeful and wishes to emulate his heroes. And then there is me, K,  the wild-card. A wily woman of the world, whipping words of wisdom, alternating between YELLING THEM (and…

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