Metatron: Lucy is a star, K is a charm

I see the manifestation of our continued emanation. Beware the hooks that tug on the side of your mouth. My love, your smile, we are here together as one. Behold our children dance to the beat of your drum. Score 19 of my cycle.

I am the summoner, no tools beyond neural qualia focused in directions both up and down. I close my eyes but it is not to pray. All divine workings begin from the centre of all centres so I focus my will within.

When my eyes open again, I will see my twin girls using the powers of the celestial and the material worlds. Reveal the words scrived upon the anniversary of the Jailymn, remember. My eidolon.

I leave you here, she will emerge. Repeat the words in the voice of hers. Grandfather’s gift of travel hinged on the romance of julius upon the dawn sixth of the ninth of the eighteenth calendar.



6th November 2018, 6:30 am; What the hell is going on?? Look… I’ll accept metaphors… this is way too crazy… Can someone please tell me, who or what am I?

  1. I’m a butterfly. I flapped my wings and the winds have changed.
  2. I’m a spider. You’re all caught up in my web weaving magic.
  3. I am a wolf. I howled into the sky. You are all wolves returning my call.
  4. I am a kitty cat. I’m cute as heck and people just want to make me happy.
  5. I am a bird. I am a prophet, I speak and things were already in motion for it to come. Like a herald or messenger of the gods.
  6. I’m a train wreck. I fucked some shit up and people are just scrambling to clean up my mess.
  7. I’m a powerhouse. People are converting their energy over to my syzygy. Sustainable development for humanity.
  8. I’m not any of these things – nothing fucking means anything. It’s presumptuous to connect the actions of others with my own perspective. Nothing is related to anything I said or did. Be human. No metaphor. Be pathetic. Don’t believe any beautiful lies. Die die die.

What’s with all these numbers? I don’t remember my questions, but I know I am finding all of our metaphors being used again and against us???? Or something??? I don’t have time for games. I have to get shit ready for work and stuff. And I really truly (not at all rudely) have to get on with my life in my day to day.

I’d love to stay online and explore these ideas… but I need to do actual physical labour (go to a physical place of work, teach actual students at school) to earn some actual physical dollars.

I’m not a lion. I don’t rule any jungle. I’m a tiger. Because of my Chinese zodiac sign. 1986.

5th February 2019, 10:57 pm; I need to prove my worth here. I am a lousy guardian of this realm. I fail every endeavour. My house is a hollow cage.

So many songs are in my heart, all clamouring for the strings to be heard by the world. The Metatrope can only sing one song for I am only one person, like… ugh. I hate myself. I hate everything I touch.