The truth about the word of god

I started writing a comment to respond to Ron’s post, but then it pretty much turned into an essay so I thought I’d just post it here.

Remember, dear reader, this is my opinion. This is my vision and understanding of the nature of existence. I don’t claim to be the ultimate anything (except making such grand sweeping statements is fun. When I say crap like that, that’s just me pandering to my own ego).

This is Ron’s post. Below is my response. (Read with an open mind and open heart. When you consciously open yourself up to others, let your inner self be the filter to decide what is worth keeping and what is waste. For one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. Or not, because that’s just a cliched metaphor.)

Are you ready to read me?

I’m going to interject with some eastern mysticism into your physics metaphor.
I would posit that masculine energy is that of the proton (yang), and that feminine energy is that of the electron (yin). As this creates positive/negative charge. Opposites attract, just as those of like charge repel. Perhaps the neutrality of neutrons is this essence of ‘god’.

Also, the reproductive system of birds is not the same as mammals. Reptiles and fish also have different reproductive systems. Birds have 1 hole which is called a cloaca. So they reproduce and excrete their bodily waste through the same hole.
We’re mammals, so of course we are going to reproduce in the same manner as dogs, horses, lions or bears.

Sex is a meaningless act because it is just an act. People, due to the sapient nature of our mind (‘conscious conscience’) attach symbolic or emotional significance to the deed.
Sex is a fun pastime – it can propagate the continuation of the species, AND/OR just be something people do as leisure. I say that because people don’t always have sex to produce babies each time they do it.
Sex itself is natural, and should not be something one should be ashamed of doing. However it is not appropriate to engage in such activities in public. Consenting adults may do whatever they please, but there is a time and a place for everything.

‘Making love’ is something different to sex. Well, the way that I see it, anyway. Because that is the joining of the spirit or soul. That is the intention behind the physical action. That is the expression of joy and pleasure of the soul experienced through the physical body.

INTENTION WITHOUT ACTION, it’s just… like the wind. It’s just air, unexpressed desire, ideas without voice.
ACTION WITHOUT INTENT, that’s ignorance. Animalistic, base, mindless, careless.

However, since we aren’t psychic and can’t read people’s minds, we only have our physical senses through which we can perceive the world around us. By speaking aloud words (manipulating the air with the physical muscles within the larynx), the vibrations we produce then become ‘the word of god’. Anyone who is able to use language and words then become manipulators of truth as they (everyone, me and you and them and no one specifically) can only express their opinion of their version of what is ‘the truth’.


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12 thoughts on “The truth about the word of god

    1. Hey, I’m the tree of life, or the fruit of knowledge, or… any metaphor. Welcome to my garden of eden. We are all gardeners here, trying to cultivate a culture that honours all life and recognise that death is but a natural progression of the nature of existence. 🙂
      (hugs) Pleasure to have a rattlesnake in my garden. People think snakes are evil because of the creation mythos.


        1. And so long as it is spirit we are speaking of, I am the phoenix. I always rise again, for I’ve killed myself in my head many times over and over and over again…
          It’s the cyclothymic depression, hypomania and generalised anxiety in my brain chemistry.


        2. A tetramorph. The wheels of the throne of god. Perhaps you are a chimera, which are hybrid creatures of fantasy. How many animals can you be at once, that sort of thing. To describe the varied characteristic nature of what it means to be human.


        3. Texans are armed to the teeth we not give up our 2nd amendment rights. I have lineage to the Alamo, my uncle was one of 6 native Texans that died in the Alamo, 1836, one of my other uncles was a high powered sheriff in Ft. Worth, Tx.

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        4. Ever since the Port Arthur massacre in 96, gun laws in Australia became so heavily regulated, most people think that it’s basically illegal to even have guns LOL. It’s just the different cultures and their attitudes towards different things.


        5. It is a matter of freedom and who you serve. Man can kill without guns. When the government takes away your arms they control you they can move you around like cattle. That is why freedom here is different then the rest of the world. We were born in One God not the gods of tyranny that fly between the earth and heaven dictating good and evil.We are all mind, body and spirit like Nuclear Physics when the mind and spirit collide they explode into chaos and confusion. That is why a person needs a stabilizing force to keep good and evil apart. In biology it is a known fact that an organism born it it does not have an stimulus it will go into chaos and die overtime. If You add a stabilizing force to the organism its lifespan is extended.
          I am a combat soldier from back in the day. This as I have spoken to you is my last combat mission to save Texas and America from the tyranny of the government. It gives me a purpose a meaning to life, I am not on my oxy. 24/7 anymore because lung problems.
          I was diag. COPD, I believe I was lied to. I do short breath because of 3 aneurysms in my lower Aorita. I am on a CPAP at night because I will stop breathing 51 times an hour.
          I love combat its in my veins. What’s in your veins?
          Texas is the only state in the 50 states where the State Flag is flown at the same height as the American Flag.


        6. I have too much glucose in my veins. My blood is like syrup. Insulin injections thin my blood so I can move freely again without pain; the veins in my hands and feet visibly bulge through my skin. Sometimes I wish I could cut them open and let the blood escape and release the internal pressure.
          There is infinite space between the nucleus and the electrons that make up the shell. That small gap, the separation of dual forces, it is imperceptible and yet it sustains the continuity of physical existence.


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