The characters of the big bang

After observing the steady hand of the Dragon Son dissect their baby psalm with such cold precision… I am in sheer awe. Holy moly guacamole. A wakka wakka. That’s as far as my talent with words goes.

I am either too heavy handed, too blunt, too overkill, too hard, too fast, or too indirect and thus squishy and impotent. Thus why I am not a god or goddess, merely their Herald.

I am a howard, not a coward. I am a clownish, impish, elfin puck up.

Howard Wolowitz. You should see me squinch my lips, a corner of my mouth hooked in a crooked disapproving smiline…

Master, not doctor. And he’s red.

Mother of pink, whilst garbed in red.

Deep space purple 69. I wasn’t yet born for another 17 years.

4 corners of the world, for 4 is the number for structural integrity to build a strong foundation.

3 women to form a holy trinity. The spirits who weave fate when all they do is gossip and tell tales that inspire and thence transpire.

2 opposite genders to procreate and propagate the agenda of the previous generations.

1 foreigner to shed a different perspective.

Well, as the metatrope, I can be that alien. I’m not an illegal alien, mind you. I just hail from the heritage lines of Foreign.

Enjoy my word play? Every essence of me I have woven into my name. And I have many names.

2 thoughts on “The characters of the big bang

    • Kalliope says:

      My husband is a mechanical engineer! 😎 compliment operated girl *da da do do da da sunshine!* a polyester girl do do do do do do shiny shine 🎵🎶 polyester girl by regurgitator.
      I am short like Bernie, flat like Mayim, and my doctorate is as fictitious as the show. I give out my thoughts as freely as Penny, am an insufferable useless box of knowledge like Sheldon. Which in the end leaves me a little bit of everything its hard to define me, like good ol Johnny Galecki. See? I’m in every one, and everyone is me. Behold, god! I rang the bell and answered myself! Hahaha. I don’t know what joke I’m trying to make

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