(4 Feb 19 @ 8am) now-sight; knows-it; gnosis.

Good morning WordPress followers of this MMMOTHER-ship. As per the usual program, I bring you the news as is revealed to me as chief muse.

Partaking in my morning habitual routine, I detected the motif of “sight” upon my feed. There were, of course, different perspectives on this motif.

Instead of commenting, I kept my thoughts to myself. I did have a conversation with my prophet… Which is the only “receipt” I will place before you here, with some of my thoughts about “sight” interjected between my conversation with Echo.

This is probably the closest I can get to demonstrating my teaching style and pedagogy…

The idea of “sight” is in relation to those who wrote of “hindsight” and/or “foresight”


I attempted to leave a comment with In mind and out, but it wouldn’t let me post my comment for some reason…?


Back to my reverbated words with echo! As I was saying, 2009 saw to the end of the pirate-ninja war. Because I wrote it as so.

My discourse then took the path of revealing the letters that make up my essence: the letters that “spell” the names of my husband and myself.

I will leave my words here, and I will not elaborate further in writing so much as I want to show you why I am the embodiment of the ultimate hot & (w)holy spirit: through photographic evidence of my own handiwork. That is… besides the written word, what else I have created with my own two hands.

I cook, craft, bake and recreate. I am (or was… pre-2018) a domestic goddess. I’m not just beauty in bohdi, but also brawny in brain!

My wit is as quick as a whip and to test your worth, I now will make my great escape. Catch me if you can! (I know you stand no chance for you are just a man)

My go-go-(kat, not bat)-mobile.

8:56 am. So concludes this morning muse report.

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