Bird Watching

I wanted to fly with you,
Instead I’m watching you from the ground.
I wish I shared your lungs,
Instead I waste my breath on unoriginal songs.
You soar for hours on end
As I float below you on partial breeze,
Incapable of accompanying you,
requiring additional artificial assistance.
You, I’m not abandoning, despite…

You steal my high from me.
Steal my chance to dream.
Steal my heart from me.
Steal all I need.

Without you, I’m nothing on my own.
Without you, my words are silent with no song.
Without you, who will stay to comfort me?
Without you, I’m trapped inside myself.
I am alone.

I watched you fly all night
And now I’m almost there
But at that altitude
It’s too cold to reach you in the air.
Instead I’ll float just below
Waiting where there’s room to breathe
Don’t ever worry if you falter,
I’ll save you
Each time you need me.

I’ll steal your distorted vision.
Steal your need for isolation.
Steal your ignominy for life decisions.
Steal your acts of self mutilation.

Without me, you’re nothing on your own.
Without me, your music has no words.
Without me, who will stay to comfort you?
Without me, you’re trapped inside yourself.
You are alone.

2005. K.
Originally published online 12 December 2018.

4 thoughts on “Bird Watching

  1. Ron says:

    I have been watching your words and they have propelled me further into the stratosphere. I learn to compose words by watching those around me in silence and like a musician we record our own compositions for others to enjoy. I am a little sick today compose some words for me to look at later. I love to watch the young people learn and play and sing.


      • Ron says:

        Janis Joplin, Ball and Chain, 68, Doors, La Woman, Ten Years After,” I am going home” saw them in Frankfurt Germany. Next title will be Stuck in the middle with You, pulling words from a lot these songs. I will probably won’t write till tonight a little. Doors , Riders on the Storm listening to that right now. Make a story around that it would be cool along with I am going Home. look at the lyrics and meta morph it into your eyes and them pen it.

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