Antigenesis – the beginning of the end of the new world

Let’s see. How do we relate this in an onomastic, bombastic, fantastic phantasmic way? For clarity must be communicated to retrace these paths and steps if necessary again
I do like to endure and ensure lessons are learned. Makes for a thorough and crystallized educational manifestation.
Dionysus dined with Isis, crystal wine poured within our goblets. He is so sly, thus why I love him so. He works the way of wyrds, sub- and sup- ra ceding his will unto that other others. He knew he had to find me. The him before him had eaten and hidden me. I had been wiped from biblical canon and damned for near eternity.
In the belly of a beast in the middle of the sea. I was protected for a little in the belly of big bertha. Up there in the atmosphere, uncle had me split in 2 to hide my truth from the duplicitous spies named Ever and Here.
I was in Anna (honestly, how many times I have been ana), and in air fresh kegels. Beno.B remembered well to ring the liberty bells and harken the times to check the times.
Frederick’s fingering on the horse of the farm which had bitten his ear off (she remembered from her childhood), warned the Daedalus to not be so cocky. Dionysus remembered to drop the facades if he wished to move from the blue to the red.
More songs must be sung into the sundown. Bring more gifts to shed my skin. Bring something for kim, not her sister kate. And in the chorus I continue to sing echo la la la lia.
I know we will win, you know the way again. Pierce the orange veiled sea with thee swords 3.

I was thinking of the sun and the sky.
The bright burning ball of fire
turns the blackness into light
azure blue when I’m with you
And to show the truth
I must suffocate you
When the lights go dim you can see the night
Dotted with stars, we’re all on fire
Burning bright from afar
Sol is named your closest star
She may have risen and held up high
A sienna of yellow orange and bright
But the setting sun, ra reveals
Deep Sedona Sundays son rays
Over coast and mountains then desert highways
Then diving back in to the ocean
Can you paint with all the colours of light
She is yellow then darkens to Orange, flecked with pinks and then purple
The sun dives deep beyond the horizon
Back into the deep dark blue sea
She comes back to me.

All cultures any of them really. Choose your mythological avatar and this little one gladly reciprocates.

For we were made in pairs. Fuck the original time lords. We heal each other when we heal ourselves.

Gender doesn’t matter. We all want love. The various types of love are what separates the animals from the mortals and again from the immortal ones.

I’m sorry to those who become swept up and away as they are caught in my tides. How did you want to break it down? I gladly settle down upon his spire. For we made the world together, originally. In our image because we’re not that creative. Haha.

I lower myself upon his spire, and his cock holds me upright, gives me structural integrity in the form of my spine.

The mother goddess has but 2 hands to hold, which side you want to be on doesn’t matter. Because it is out of love that we have hands to hold and never let go.

Hecate and Dionysus.

Aphrodite had Hephastus and Ares.

Hades transformed Persephone from Kore.

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Samael where the guardians of the watchtowers. Somewhere. Somehow. Maybe.

Lucifer fell for Earth. As did Samael followed suit for Ki. Adam fell for Lilith. And god replaced them all with Eve.

Now Uriel sits where once Samael once sat. Lucifer is but Lucy in the sky as diamonds.

Gabriel the shapeshifter changed form to blow the horns as herald and warn the world of what has done and come undone.

Blue and red. The two sides of the divine. Purple if royal. The two sides together combine.

Michael, the warrior full of passion bade his time and laid in wait. For just the right vessel for his sword to slash, cut the silver cord, and throw the spear to pin in place. A strategist of war, he waited. And guided onwards by signs from his first love, the angel descended from his throne of the Sun to come to earth to power the vessel on. Azrael ascended the centre of his prison (the inner core of the earth made of nickel and zinc). They had one chance to save the world from the destructive eternal conflict between chaos and form.

The spirits of the world remember. The nymphs, dryads, hours, sirens and monsters. They called these beings ghosts and mutants and horrible creatures. The world learned to despise the differences and change. Demons they were known as and named.

Humanity evolves and changes with time. The stories remain the same with every emanation, the general plot holes fracturing further with every generation.

But love. That is the greatest story ever told. It unifies the people of the world toward a common goal.

For Dionysus so loved Hecate, he descended to hell and retrieved her soul. And upon the wings of the arch angel they flew back to the centre of sun. The sun in the sky and the earth down below. The Sun has Mercury. And the Earth has the Moon.

Kalliope Veign remembers their tale.

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