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(2.Feb.19@1:32pm) what’s with all the birds?

Good afternoon people of WordPress. I have just gotten on to read my feed for the first time today. I first wrote one comment to Chris T before my mind clock-clicked a motif that was running like a thread between and through each subsequent post.

Birds – (&or the idea of flight)

Albeit I wrote of flight in response to his beautiful poem. I am discussing the order of events as I they befell my eyes. It is reverse chronological order to their actual occurrence due to the nature of the reader feed displaying the most recent posts first.

Scrolling down through the feed is akin to travelling backwards through time. So what came first: the imagery, or symbolic inference? Or rather should the question be geared towards where does the creation/interpretation paradigm fit into this “sequence of events”?

I wrote of flight, referring to the speed of thought. As in when we just write or speak or act in accordance with our instinctive, reflexive response. That is the most honest answer or expression of one’s spirit/soul. Because thinking too long and hard about the specific wording of your thought can confuse the idea. Or it can mask and manipulate the essence of the message.

Spin doctors, advertising consultants, propagandist campaigners. Quicksilver tongues that insinuate and inspire.

Some people are quite adept at this. Like me. I’m just blah blah blahing and it formulates an image in your mind. You decide the interpretation of my words. I just say them.

I digress. Back to the birds, for the bird is the word.

Frank wrote of a dove with a lionheart. Michael prayed to Inanna. Marcus shared the grace of the crane. And all I could think of was my Jesus Christ Pose (in the Soundgarden).

I do not want to remove the magic of poetry. I am an english teacher, I am a government approved professional textual assassin. My unsuspecting victims are poems and prose. That is my training. Build and destroy, create and obfuscate, repair and manipulate. WORDS.

I enjoy picking apart textual constructs, these images and worlds that are created in the minds eye through nothing but the ligature inscribed on the screen/page. It is fun for me, but the creators who sew together these strings of words very unlikely appreciate my butchering of their baby.

So I do it to my own poetry and stories. My own words. I repeat myself often and dissect my own texts to demonstrate and illustrate the “magic” of world weaving. Because I would rather kill my darling myself than see it minced into some bullshit and interpreted in a manner that was not my intention.

That is what I consider to be the nature of divinity. Who or what is god?

We all are.

2:04pm. I have a poem I titled “bird watching”. I’ll have to find it and throw it up and out to the masses. That can be the “bird” that I release to join the rest of the flights of fancy.

You can decide what winged creature is the voice of the poem when I post it.

2:07pm. So concludes this morning (or afternoon) muse report.

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    • I’ve been considering importing all those blog posts I squirrelled away. Because there’s literally just… ugh. So much! Too much. It’s doing my head in trying to sort through them. Because I truly believe I’ve said it all before… and reading over the stuff astounds even myself. LOL I’m like “WTF?!” Haha.
      Or if I should keep it separate and just redirect people to the link if they want to see it.
      Because I want to purge my site again. I’ve got like 84 posts sitting in my drafts folder. Some of them (maybe half?) are repeats that didn’t get deleted from my last purge. LOL.
      (Shaking my head) uuuggghhh. Haha.