Glory holes

I started a YouTube channel

Which started the whole world laughing. I just couldn’t see that the joke was on me.

Watch “Only hope Mandy moore, I have less” on YouTube

I’m on my phone so it doesn’t “embed” so…. yeah. FIGJAM (where g stands for gauche, not great)

Hands up if you too suffer from debilitating self worth! (Looks around. Of course, it’s an empty theatre. I don’t hallucinate, I’m the only one in this room)

Yeah… thought so… I’m so alone!

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    • I don’t k ow if I enjoy making videos. But it’s the fastest means of communicating… like… I just say shit. Think it speak it. It takes effort to write. Because I have to translate my thoughts and transcribe it through the written word. Uyuuggghhh. 😣

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