The Real Deal

I need external validation of my self worth

This is something really painful and awkward for me. I do not like to ask for anything, I get all weird with nice comments and compliments…

But I need you. To please… maybe… if you don’t mind…

If I have contributed anything beneficial to you and your life (even if it was only temporarily), I would appreciate it if you could write out a testimonial that I may put here on my site.

Fill out the contact form on my page, or leave a comment with what you’d like to say.

I do have to read through them and post them myself, so I won’t post anything if it doesn’t serve my goal of self promotion and ideals.

It doesn’t have to be about tarot, it could be about anything. I’m… a bit “inconsistent,” rather “Jack/Jill of all trades, master of none” …

Except that isn’t exactly true. I am a master of Teaching. I’m just not a master of the subject which I teach.

That’s just semantics, I know. But does that still count?

So yeah… please write out a testimonial I can use, or recommend me to your friends? I really need the cash, and I want to earn it.

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  1. This is probably not what you’re looking for since I don’t really know you from a professional point of view, but I’m rather going to write about what I think of you as a person, so don’t feel compelled to post it haha.
    Anyway, here goes,
    From our little interactions, I really think you are quite an empathetic soul and that’s a rare and powerful quality to possess. I feel like you have the ability to place yourself in the shoes of others just by listening to what they’re going through and that enables you to give out valuable and helpful suggestions.
    Also, you are quite easy to talk to. In that, I mean that you don’t take things the wrong way which lead to misunderstandings.
    All in all, you seem like a wonderful person and I hope you won’t ever change.
    Have a great day, Kels! ❤.

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  2. Your Readings are always very insightful – no mainstream copy-cat interpretations there! You think out of the box (in fact, the box is nowhere to be seen) and your muzings are creative, reflective, honest and to the point! Not afraid of examining the shadows either… that’s something not everyone can say! I enjoy reading your interpretations and your own personal slant on things. Very interesting and astute!!

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