I like the bad boys and the bad boys like me

I am far too generous with my words, my energy and my time. I give them out willy-nilly because it is my most heartfelt plight that no person be left behind.

Oh geez, that does sound biblical and “rapture-y”…

As an educator, I often see kids with pretty low literacy levels get shifted on to the next grade because it is a social stigma to be kept at their learning grade level. And so they move along with the rest of their peers so as to not get bullied or whatever, and then they can be the next persons problem.

  1. Not being able to read seems like a big deal, but society doesn’t require people to read. Society requires people to comply.
  2. Technology bridges the gap between being able to read words, and there are a tonne of apps and supportive tools available to accommodate educational “disabilities”. Such as to allow people who may have vision or hearing impairments, or physical limitations.
  3. Students are becoming apathetic and disengaged from the world around them because no one actually listens to them. This includes kids of any literacy or academic cognitive level. This speaks to their social and emotional development.
  4. In my experience, the naughty kids are naughty because they feel they are already on their own and must project this “big and tough” arsehole persona. That is their coping and defense mechanism.
  5. Because IDGAF about academic grades, their “not being an arsehole” is priority #1 to me, these bad kids are normally quite good for me… lol maybe because I listen to them. I make jokes with them. I’m like… Aunty Kim, or Mama Kim. I can talk shit and actually stand my ground.
  6. I’ve gotten in the middle of almost fights, ripped kids off of each other, and never stepped down when a student has tried to intimidate me. There was one kid who stepped up and told me to get out of his way, I stepped closer and just said no. I was like up to his arm pit in height, but he backed off and started shouting that “OMG Miss, you’re just asking to get bashed!” I just said that I wasn’t asking for anything. I was just refusing to back down.
  7. I don’t start shit but I will sure as heck finish it.
  8. Now I might like bad boys, I have a soft spot for them. I am a weirdo who truly believes that she is the one to turn bad boys good.
  9. Generally because they’re only bad because they don’t know what good is. And they only think they’re bad. It’s cute. They don’t know what real bad is, either.
  10. I love my students, I don’t want to fuck them. The world is going to do that already. I just want to prepare them… prepare them for a shitty world that doesn’t care no matter who you are. It will find you and stomp on your dreams if you don’t know how to play your cards right. If you don’t know what is worth fighting for and what is worth letting go.
  11. Whether or not you can read words on a page, know how to read the words and intentions of other people.
  12. Love is the key to resurrection from the dead. Love is the key to immortality.

It seems the only women I get along with are the ones who do not see me as competition. I’m a fucking interesting topic for conversation apparently. (Screaming internally, sitting quietly. My right eye twitches, I try to smile. It only comes across crooked).

I am a bit of a flirt, but they’re only words. I do not act on them. That’s… really uncomfortable and awkward. If I took all my words seriously then I wouldn’t be able to make dick and fart and vag jokes. And if I can’t laugh, I may as well be dead.

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