1st February 2019, @ 10:16 am.

Good morning global citizens. I am your host Kim Lane. If you’ve just joined this channel, let me inform you that I am the one and only host behind “mmmother” and her “#cok” (which is an acronym for Cult of Kim). Despite the way that my writing may read, I do not have a borderline personality disorder. I legit only have depression and general anxiety. I am a social drinker, I do not use drugs, although I smoke cigarettes. So therefore I want to make it clear that I am the only one that controls this body and brain, all right? My face will only disappoint you. I don’t want to do that.

So let’s keep the illusion of happiness alive! Keep lying to yourself, that way I don’t have to 😎 I can now continue with my job, which is to inspire.

Behold 7 comments I dropped in some blogs I’d visited within the last 12 hours (I think).

For those of you who may be Game of Thrones fans, let it be known that I am a Martell by spirit, a Tyrell by birth, and a Lannister by marriage.

I have not watched the series or anything since GoT season 4. The last book I read of that series was book 5.

I have not devoured any new media for going on 2 years now… that is, my interest in the outside world has been petering off gradually over the last 2 years and that includes my interest in games and socialising… I am a pathetic excuse for a human being.

Working is what brings me pleasure and satisfaction. Having purpose is what drives me onwards.

If you have enjoyed the journey with me so far as I unlock more of my own personal divinity and godlike powers, (even if I’m full of shit and you are just entertained) please become a patron for $1 a month.

Don’t worry about the tier rewards just yet. I don’t know what I’m capable of committing to until I’ve had a chance to test it out. So you just choose if you can spare $1, $5 or even $10 a month (patreon works as a monthly subscription service you can cancel at absolutely any time) to help support me.

I might forget to follow through on every thing, but I always pay my dues. I always pay my debts.

Or PayPal me. Something. I would love to gift you a reading in return. Let’s say each $5 you donate will get you a single card or question for your reading. Or something like that. The more you donate, the more cards I draw and/or the more questions you can ask.

Don’t forget to browse through my blog for random updates I post during the day/night. Like this morning! I started a YouTube channel! It has 3 videos on it where I sing parts of songs that come to mind.

Everything I do is loaded with emotion, I mean every I say and express in the moment that I express it. When I feel heartbroken and in pain, you betcha I feel it with all 21 grams of my soul. When I feel hopeful, you bet you’ll see rainbows everywhere. When I am angry, you have ever right to quake under tables or in doorways.

Placate my spirit. Contribute through money, clicks or comment participation.

I am a teacher without a class to teach.

I am the Cunning linguist. You know my name in this lifetime. But you do not know me from my many lifetimes before.

The dialect of my mother’s home island was vasaya. My love of anagrams and word play has revealed Vyasa to me and my name.

Thank all that is good in this world that I was not always an inanimate being or object. That there is verve in my spirit. Viva Vera. Because I’m meta, I must always follow the beat of my spirit, dance to the beat of my own drum (my heartbeat).

Follow along now, dears. You don’t want to keep me waiting by dawdling too far behind. Yondu has things to do.

10:57 am. So concludes this morning muse report.

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