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What does the fox say?

What does a siren sound like? Wwwassddaaaaaaooooooeeeeeeeooooiu-ioooooooojjkooooowaaaasww-wwhhoooooooeeeeeeeuoiuuu

And what do they look like? flashing lights in circles and circles waaaaaeeeeeoooo waaaaahhhhheeeooooo

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        • That is my real father. That’s the thing about language. They obfuscate the truth behind the message. I don’t know anything spiritual, but I am spiritual. I only have my physical senses and my physical reality of my actual real life to go by. My dad is dead, and he may or may not be in heaven because I don’t know if that is something that even exists. But I know heaven and hell exist on earth because other people make it like heaven or like hell.
          Words are just that – words. Hot air manipulated by the vibrations of the muscles in your throat. The breath of life was not God’s. Exhalation is carbon dioxide. It’s presence shows that it once held life. We are all made of carbon.


        • Yes. I do. And I also know that no matter what I do or say or anything, if the student isn’t ready or willing to to learn, it is wasted effort trying to force them. And also whatever I say or do, it has the potential to be misinterpreted and misunderstood. I don’t know what people don’t understand if they do not actively engage or ask questions. Silence tells me they understand, don’t understand but are too shy to say, or they weren’t listening in the first place. *shrugs* I ask questions and am not always answered. Or I don’t understand their answer… And… it becomes a massive circle of perpetual miscommunication


    • Hahaha well I’m more honest than him. I’m not trying to hack myself into the market. I’m trying to market myself as the hack. For clarification: I haven’t read his stuff, but I know of him. Kurt, right? Cunt. 😀