Some of my words, my thoughts about god.

Christine Betts – writerpainter

Rarasaur – some blog my prophet, Echo, showed me.

Allusion vs illusion.

Allusion is literary, illusion is visionary.

I’m not trying to deceive, just trying to redirect your point of focus.

Look within. That’s where you’ll find your inner light. And that is a metaphor. Please don’t go literally gouging out people’s chests. That’s something that a ghoul would do.

I whole heartedly believe in leading by example. Of living a life to demonstrate my teachings. Now I want to remind you, that I don’t believe you should “do as I do” or anything.

My life is an example of hypocrisy. Look to me to see the difference between my words, my actions, and the final outcome.

You will see that no matter what I say, or intend, or what I do…. the 3 things rarely produce a harmonious outcome. The end result usually ends up only fulfilling 2 out of the 3 things.

Because I’m fallible. You have the benefit of only experiencing the filtered reality of my words and intentions. You do not have to deal with my reality of my life.

I might “love everyone” but I do not love everyone. And the love I feel is certainly not equally distributed amongst those that I love (that I can individually name).

Jesus is just a hook. He’s a hook on a fishing line. Are you fish? Or a person?

Kim Possible, and Ron Stoppable. We’ve got our bases covered. Trying to teach the same message from opposite (but not opposed) perspectives.

The rest is up to you, humanity. You decide. You do you.

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