If all I am to do is to write like no one is reading…

Then I probably wouldn’t even write at all. I have never done anything unless there was an audience to attest to the fact that yes, I did in fact do a thing.

Sometimes I have fits of inspired moments that manifest in thousands upon thousands of worlds built with words. Since 12th August, I have about 90000 words of published blog posts (I counted them in private) and that doesn’t even count the drafts I have sitting there. The drafts are barely formed so why on earth would I even publish? I have enough for a decent novel, but it’s not exactly a novel.

I have no problem spewing forth the so-called waters of thine thoughts, like Lady Jessica from Dune. And it has just occurred to me that her daughter Alia suffered from this toxicity. So she became awakened while still in the womb of her mother’s belly. Abomination they say, how painful that must be…

Let the whispers of the wind carry that message to those that can hear (or see)…


Still I must decide which way I will choose to lead this machine because I don’t think it’s standing still… well it can hardly maintain shape in this here cyber space. Function no longer follows form, and thus all laws now seem redundant…

We’re living in the future even though it’s the present (and seconds pass it’s now the past). I say this because old traditions and established laws are no longer relevant for the people that make up society.


Sure it works for the prime agents of the generations, the adults who have power seems to thrive all the same. But the elderly struggle to keep up with the change, and the young don’t understand why they are the ones who have to change themselves to hold on to the ever receding ways of the past.

Schooling systems don’t foster creative thought as they are much more concerned with ensuring the children absorb the content, because content is apparently more important than comprehension.

There are children who can barely read, but they still get shunted along to be the next person’s problem. Why can’t they read? Could be a variety of reasons, but how about technology in society doesn’t require strong literacy to use. Voice to text, or text to talk, coloured buttons and symbols are the language that they know. And back again to ancient history we go! Hieroglyphics and cuneiform, graphemes and morphemes are all they need to know.

So I do not struggle to write, I can write and speak all day (and night). But my words and my prose are finite in form, they have clear beginnings and where they end. I can’t link them together like a sensuous daisy chain. I have clear bricks of essays and words, like this very post. It exists in isolation, similar to a beautifully worded poem…

Two sides of the same damned coin. For ever… and for ever…


(first published 20th October 2018) // (republished 30th January 2019)

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