Link to 3 files so far.

So that is also now linked in my menu (again, depends if you’re viewing through the WordPress reader feed, or through ny domain) at the top/corner of the page.

  1. Antichrist manifesto thingy. Hoping to promo that bitch as an incentive to get patrons and/or funding to keep going.
  2. That mkultrak English curriculum stuff. Even if you don’t go to school anymore or don’t have kids who attend high school, I reckon just maybe give 1 or 2 of the selected anythology a go. Maybe consider some of the questions and or activities. You don’t have to do them lol but… I dunno. I like philosophising and ruminating… they’re just thought experiments and games for the mentalist.
  3. A thingy about poetic techniques. I’ve used this at school. The kids really appreciated I grouped them into types. (Neurotic categoriser!)

So yeah. Patreon. PayPal. Freelance. Tutoring. 🤑🤮💰