The Real Deal

#KSC? I don’t know what that means, but this is what it means to me

Everyone has the same names. Or rather, I am usually surrounded by people who have the same names.

Sara and Kris. Or Chris. Or Sarah.

In my family there’s only one me. I’m the only one whose name starts with the consonant sound “K” “q” or “ch”…

Ki, qi, chi, quay, key…

Only one with that initial sound on either my father and mothers side.

I don’t know any other Kim in real life. Except for that one other Kim… She was in the year below me at school. She was half Australian and half Vietnamese. She had a sister named Kate.

I’m not Kate, Kath, nor Karen. That other Kim isn’t me. But I am happy to pretend to be any famous Kim

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