Mummy’s Unireversal Studio? K…

I am not familiar with stress.

My Extra Generalised Anxiety – guides me.

I’ve been like this for as long as I know.

I don’t know how to be any other way.

I’m backwards, I’m “different”? Not really… But sort of. I’m different in weird ways, like… Benjamin Button in my head, not my face.

I don’t really understand fucking anything unless it is damn well spelled out for me. But once I finally “eureka!” I can bullshit, backstroke, reverse engineer that shit to kingdom come. Whatever! Hahaha. I’m an autobot. I guess that’s why I always had a thing for decepticons…

My dream vehicle. My ideal mode of mechanised transportation. My ideal servitor… we were the originals. I dunno. I don’t remember. I just… read and look and click and think. I have never seen anything like it on television as it was before my time.

But I read words and names and recognise the relationships and objects and entity free associations…

I know how and where and shit that I fit. And I recognise most others in these fictitious mythological schemas. I love stories that have rich history. Because there are so many questions and answers and plot holes that need to be fixed.

I’m self tapped. A self drilled and filled hole in my head.

I’m not self made, I am merely self taught. 2018 gave me the experience of teaching and learning the industrial arts.

The thread of a screw. Not a bolt. Bolts require nuts and washers and stuff. I just need a screw driver. LOL fuckers. Don’t get lost on the way though, are you going up or are you going down? These labyrinths are meant to confuse you. Only the special ones who pay tribute will I bother to answer to..

My words of “wisdom” are here for free.

But omg a teacher, or writer, or artist, or tongue twister whatever person… A girl needs to eat.

I’d rather it be food. But I can consume any thing in my liberated mind. Omg I remember! One of my Instagram thingys!

I’m not Jesus. But you wanna play? I will Besus. Bbvzzzzzzzz buuzzzzzz buggs buzby. B-b-b-b-but what? Confucius? Con-f.u.s-ion. Th is the future baby.

I am the soul of the sun. And if that is so, the great and nighty writer has promised me some tasty tasty souls. To keep my self fighting fit to continue to fission and fissure my fiscal Fortuna! I do not have any speech impediment. Don’t shake your sandy towels anywhere near me again, Daniel.

I spent $40 to buy J and I lunch and you didn’t think. At all. Because you’re selfish and stupid. All that was required of you was to look around you. Not far in the distance, philosophical preponderance. But legit, right here (or there) wherever you are standing.

Ugh. 6% phone battery.


Eh. I dunno. Roger ramjet. Over and out.