FFW! A double-edge scarb

His long wispy hair tickled her cheek and neck as he rested his head on her shoulder. Travelling for hours in the backseat of the small car had managed to exhaust the young man – most likely out of bordem.
However the girl could not sleep. She stared blankly ahead out of the windscreen. Sitting in the middle of the backseat allowed her view of the dark, empty, endless road to be unobstructed. The young man moved slightly in his sleep, positioning himself more comfortably against the girl’s shoulder and arm. She turned her head and looked warmly at him with a slight smile, she couldn’t help but cuddle up a little more to him.

Sitting in the car with him on this organised road trip was wonderful, however her soul moved with unease inside of her as she thought about where they had once been, and where they could be going.

The gentle sweet man who had once been her best friend finally had re-emerged from the distant and cold arsehole who he had seemed to become. She had terribly missed her best friend but his re-appearance raised a few questions within herself.
Was this compassionate personality a façade, or a genuine soul who had only been undergoing too many personal struggles to cope as before..? Will the drastic change in self happen again? If so, how long before this friendship endures another coma..?
Or has this entire situation simply only been a product of her own paranoid mental instability..?

K. 2011.

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