The Real Deal

I just can’t get you outta my head

Spin and circle the drain with me. Hold my hands and we can twirl like Jack and Rose did when they danced aboard the Titanic!

Where am I? Somewhere over the rainbow It’s called the Wonder(ful) land of Oz.

The dust storm rises. Wikipedia knows. It remembers stuff.


Alice, it seems that Wonderland has changed a great deal since last you were here.


Hmm. It appears the the yellow brick road has been unpaved, Tin Man. All along and around the swirling and breaking wake, red-brick sun-baking has been laid along it’s former trail.

Below is a caption I wrote on one of my Instagram posts. Which reminds me, I should probably post those dates..?

But I just wanted to crystallize and cement in your brain that it’s all true. Here in Australia, everything is out to kill you – even the dusty plains.

We are a hardy people, here. And this is where mother earth begins her trials and tribulations, because perfection can be found when there’s nothing more to add and nothing left to take away.

We’re kind of used to every thing trying to kill us, down here, it’s just nice to get the attention. You know?

Anyway! Have I told you all how damned excited I am for Karmageddon?!

I’ve been preparing for this day since my youth. Got that baton to bash some stuff, while spinning around, caught up in a daze! Like Kylie Minogue!

Hades, come and take me away! Leo & Kate 4eva. I am a hopeless, hapless romantic… hmm. I may have a pretty fucking twisted sentimentality…

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