Rerun 022: War, what is it good for?

25 August 2018

Absolutely nothing.

There is going to be war. Another world war. And this time Australia is not going to be an “ally” but will be involved directly in it. The future is here, and whoever controls Australia will in essence control the future, or the future of the world.

We are a country of divided different whoever whatever. We are a nation built upon the displaced, the “other”. But we’ve been turning away the refugees of the world… and so, the once inhospitable land… the friendly happy welcoming people who live here… we will face the wrath of the world. Yay. Thanks guys.

It’s so obvious. I know I’m not the only one who sees what’s really happening. But maybe I’m the only one who cares enough to say anything.

I don’t want there to be a war. I don’t want to incite violence. I want to live my life in peace. But I feel responsible… I just have to say it out loud so someone might hear it. If I can put it on here then I have done my bit?

I’m a foreigner living in the land my parents chose. I’m first generation Australian. I love it here. But I’m not attached to it in the same way other people are.

The perfect blend of east and west, north and south; male mind and female body. Everything tells me that I am important and I must be heard and I have something fucking amazing in me that is valuable. I can make money off of this thing I do. But people won’t pay for what they don’t see as valuable. And I don’t know what I do or have that is valuable… the gift.

I just do what I do. I’m just being me.

And Australia is headed to war. That’s the only way. I don’t know who with or why or who will start it. I don’t know who is pulling the strings behind the curtains. But the strings are being pulled… the conditions are perfect. And the timing is ripe… Someone is vying for power and knows that this is where they can get it….

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  1. Well I’m in America, under seige by dumptrucktrump, who btw, is NOT MY POTUS! I refuse to claim him…sorry, not sorry…
    Anyways, we too will be going to war, why? Because war is money…bottom line
    Ur words are valuable, ur insight is valuable, ur very being is valuable…there are greater things than money…ur awake!
    People still asleep locked away in their cozy little world’s unaware of anything unseen, outside of themselves.
    Keep writing, keep posting, ur very talented.

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