Manties you can wear everyday

22 January 2019, 12.06pm; I almost forgot about this! I told the potato man what real manties were. The example he had displayed on his post was of a dude wearing a budgie smuggler.

But that’s all old school. This (manties) page was around when I was still school. I used to also visit joecartoon, read jerk city, followed the advice of wescils, check out crash bonsai kitten and superfly too.

Fender benders. And uncooperative kitties. Smoosh that face against the glass.

Who’s your daddy, now? That’s right, it’s me because I totes mcgoats did the hip thrusts to your momma. Yeah. Your mother.

Panties are super comfortable. I recommend you wear a pair before you knock it. Or Knockturn Nelly will knock you out with her knick-knack-knockers.

Then the cows really will go bonkers all day and night until they eventually come back home. To let’s try to do something bait them.

2 thoughts on “Manties you can wear everyday

    • Kalliope says:

      I couldn’t remember your friggen link thing and I was typing this on my phone. And I was worried I’d spell masercot wrong. But yeah, you have eyes all over you and I like you better with your skin on.
      If potatoes can give me vodka and chips, it is already a superior vegetable.

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