20 January, 2019, 9:40am.

I have read words, heard songs, felt and feel a whole lot of stuff.

I have captured screenshots of my messages that I have left behind in response to each thingy here on WordPress, and I share them with you now because I have no shame.

That is to say, I am not ashamed of the things that I write. I write words so that they are read. That, to me anyway, is the purpose of writing: to make a record of things that have come to pass so that the future may LEARN THE LESSON THAT LIFE IS, OMFG, SHOVING IN YOUR FACE EVERYDAY! Because people are so quick to forget what it was like before they knew the truth.

To live in the light is to accept things as they are. To live in the dark is to be an ignorant fool. To traverse the shadows is to see both the good and bad of the world. To live in the shadows is to HIDE FROM THE SELF.

Every war, every story, has 4 sides. I only ask that you do not lie to yourself.

Screenshot_20190120-075755_WordPress.jpgScreenshot_20190120-083258_WordPress.jpgScreenshot_20190120-085532_WordPress.jpg(I lament the typo here. It should read “SPEND” not ‘spent’. But oh well, whatever. I can’t edit the comment therefore what is done, is done).


Once again, I tell you this true: these are not the only words I have written this morning, but they are the only ones of which I took screenshots.

I did write to the author of mychristianity2017.blog, and I said that I will write his name in MY BOOK OF NAMES first. It is not an issue of favouritism nor an indication of one’s importance, however. It is merely because of TIME. So… because I am trapped by the laws of time in this here dimension, I hope I have enough time to work on my time management in order to afford myself the time I need to lay the foundations of all the things I would like to achieve… all the words I desire to transcribe… all the songs I want to sing… and touch all the hearts of all the fallen, in order to bring them to the precipice where they must now CHOOSE A SIDE.

My side? I fight for the 3rd side. I fight for the line. I fight for the continuation of the existence of all of humanity. Right here, right now. That’s me in all time, space and places. I CHOOSE THE CENTRE. I AM THE CENTREFOLD. I am a woman, and hear my song roar.

Hopefully I’ll have a chance to begin writing my book of names, but right now I have a family to attend. I have a life to live. I am a goddess of love. And I frucking love everything.

20 January 2019, the time now is 10:13am. So concludes this morning’s muse report.

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