SKT reading forecasts an ideal storm.

19 January 2019, 7.26pm; a tarot reading a la moi, using the beneficent Benebell Wen’s supercalifragilisticexpialidawesome tarot deck. I felt concerned about a friend’s fortune, as he was saying some pretty hopeless things that made me feel pretty bleak for him.

Well whaddya know, you’re responsible for this happening to yourself. This is necessary to in order to strengthen and realise the full potential of your spirit. Don’t balk down now. The Knight of the Fire is ready and waiting to be called into action to assist you should you seek it. He’s super dooper fast like a flash of lightening. You should call unto him to help control your own metaphysical elemental fire – so it doesn’t RAGE BURN OUT, nor be doused with an overflow of emotional waters.

Remember this is within your power, your soul signed up for this because it knew it’d be fine. So you have to trust that this is character building, or constructing a stone pillar of inner resolve. You are a person of faith, and because you have your faith it shouldn’t falter because of uncertainty and doubt.

Unless, of course, you are letting go of the need to pin that piety onto some other, ancient, far away indifferent… to realise that you were merely praying to yourself.

You are being called in to action, you must now fight for your very own soul. If you choose to give up, then the battle truly is lost for you. Take up the battle axe, it is already dripping with ichor. That is your weapon to wield in this leg of the spiritual war. Fight for yourself, to maintain your inner peace and sanity. I know there is fire inside of you, make sure you allow it to be harnessed in an effective and healthy manner – one that sustains you and also prevents you from raging on into the fray head first. Find balance and moderation in how you allow your fire energy to be directed. Don’t want you to burn yourself with it.

Ignore the rogue, you are the rogue. This is the assist you are receiving by way of ‘reason’. It’s a mere token of playful spoils of war. LOL To remind you that you are a tricky fellow who just can’t help himself. A little extra ”cut” here or there won’t really matter, the lock of hair won’t really be missed. Like, really. But whatever, I’m not exactly honourable either, so just don’t make a massive deal out of whatever sliver of a prize you gained from that tricksy tryst. Let it blow past so long as no harm actually done. But no matter how sneaky you thought you were and that maybe no one noticed, someone totally noticed… You’re not that light of foot and dagger.

No matter what or when or how or why… You were always supposed to take this path. That is not to say that all things are inevitable. I mean, the path/road exists regardless of when/where you turned to travel on it. Like a highway has many on and off exists, you were always going to experience something like this – it’s in your nature. I don’t know if you’ve not noticed that aspect about yourself. LOL it’s there, it’s true. And it is fine just the way that it is.

What’s a couple of months, when it could just as easily have been a couple of years? Count your blessings. Remember who gave them to you. Remember the truth and actual state of reality, and be extra kind to those who stick around because they love you.

Ok. I think that’s it now.  🙂

You take it easy, ya hear? I’m still going to be here, and I assume so will everyone else. That is, unless there was some total freak occurrence… then.. I dunno. That’s life. Whatever will be, will be. And it it’s not supposed to be that way, then what are you going to do about it?

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