What is in a name?

18 January 2019, 12.45pm; all words are names, and names are just words. But there are different types of names, they are known as nouns.

Names are important for they are what allow us to communicate with and to each other about stuff.

I know a shojun of stuff about all sorts of stuff. But how important and useful is the stuff I know? I guess it really depends on you.

Allow me to share with you my words from just this very morning.


Behold! Screen shots! 3 Wise Men I follow.

  1. The news reporter. Ash.


2. The fictitious caveman. Dirty Buddha.


3. The snaily poet. Spirals.


Those were not the only words that I wrote this morning. I wrote of other things, to other people too. I responded to the empathic Mantis in regards to his tarot reading for humanity. I love his tarot readings, because THE NAMES AND TITLES MEAN EVERYTHING to me. Also, everything is also the same as nothing, and thereby the things that mean a bunch of stuff to me may not mean anything to you.

To answer my own question in the title of this post:

What is in a name?

Nothing… except for everything. I mean… what’s it to you?

18 January 2019, 1:53pm; I shared my intentions with my prophet. Echo knows. I don’t have any strategy at all except making shit up as I go. I feel like it’s pretty redundant to post my instagram posts on here, but I’m doing it anyway.


See? I clearly state in my hashtag that I have NO STRATEGY, but, I guess it could be read or interpreted as ‘Nostra-tegy’ like a psychic predictor of sadness.


I love wordplay and then using them as hashtags. I’m pretty inconsistent with sticking with anything… BUT! I remember my marketing genii, Markle, her sage advice: make up a hashtag to associate with ‘your brand’ and attach that to everything. Thus my #mmm whatevers. MERCURY & MARS had a love child… and that’s ME! The ma-ma-maniacal MMMESSIAH! and a bunch of other words and letters. See it for yourself (in my screen caps).


And the above? I legit posted that this morning. Therefore the time line is just coming together for me now. As I realise it. That’s why I’m such a garbage strategist – I realise AD-HOC-FLIP-FRUCKING backwards sharting is my strategy. Being so entrenched in chaos is where I find peace and the world comes to order around me.

There are more secrets I unveil. To reveal. The power of names, numbers, letters, symbols, combinations, permutations, constellations… But I already shared that story. The K and the Snake. I just didn’t realise the asp really was adder… Hah. So much for my attempt at necromancy. 

I mean, if it was real. How would I ever know? It’s all just a perception. Life is an illusion. I was tired of being lied to – and lying to myself. Shit just isn’t real. It can never be real if you live your life as a lie.


It’s whatever you decide to put in the middle of it. And since I am a fucking NARCISSISTICK FUCKING EVERYTHING ABOUT ME BITCH, I HAVE TO GET IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYTHING.



See? There I am. And what are you going to do about it? Probably not even press like or comment. I told you, O was the portal to travel through. Orpheus. Morpheus. Whorpheus. What have you done to me and my legacy?

I have to rebuild it again.

2.21pm. Presh the button.

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