The Real Deal

Tweet tweet twiddly see me

Gonna rock around the Robynsnest tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ (16 January 2019, 12:43am AEST)

Because Robyn shared a Weezer song “don’t knock the hustle” and she highlighted a particular line which reminded me of the above Instagram post I shared in my early foray days in the light of the Instagram rays.

And the 2nd picture is just because I thought it was funny. You’ve gotta imagine it with the accent though.

“Kor!” Or “caw!” Or “koar!” or “cor!”

You beau-tay! You Be-you-tay!

LOL PHWOAR! wad ish eet gud fwoah? Ahaha. Feck yehW

Go rockin’ Robyn, do the jail bird riot right

(And let’s chuck in some memes)

It’s not so much fighting “the man”… may be I just like fisting … YOUR FACE!


Emoji power


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