I half wrote a poem about jus.

16 January 2019, 2:23pm; I have spent today making graphics on canva. I’m not a graphic designer, I use an app on my phone and then select templates to use.

I’m a wordsmith, not a designer. I work with wordy materials, I don’t materialise visions I deigned.

But I am a vision. I am a siren. I am a spinning, twirling, egomaniacal, annoying attention seeker, tinman dancer, dickhead hood ornament, rhinovociferous, hornicorny, warning war whorse machine.


I love love stories. They’re nice. Isn’t this nice? It’s just nice to be here. Right?

Is nice enough? A complacent, complicit, placated sigh. A turn of the cheek. A wandering eye.

Hmm. Look at that grass. Just stare at it. There’s nothing really else to look at or do, I guess. Cool. Do I eat it..? Is that all I am to do? Watch it grow? Cut it down, and it still grows some more… Or what if I look over towards the horizon? The grass sure does look greener over there. I wonder.


As above so bellow. Your hero Kitsune stumbled upon The Dark Vampire’s Tavern and there was a mighty fine post to scratch out her scribe. (This was a snippet from yesterday.)

And back to the present day, we continue to follow this threadbare trail. It is as follows….


Thank you, my child. I shared this song on Instagram earlier today. It somehow fits with my narrative here. LOL sure as heck just going to go with it. Roll with it.

Now raise your glass, K. You classy laddie, sweetest lassie, grassy grainy itchy arsey. Don’t roll your joints in the hay.


I bet you’re wondering WTF is happening. Is my story a bit too predictable? I’m sorry. I know, I know.  That’s why I hate myself. I’m… pathetic. I’m just reverb and retort, I reflex reflections… I just amplify you.

I’m sorry.

I’m such a loser freak. I’m in love with death… am I a fool to believe in the power of love? Well… yes. Love alone is not enough. To resurrect something that by all appearances (and likelihood) to be dead, you’ll need more than “feelings” and “words” and “intentions”.

You have to work for that bitch.

FB_IMG_1445234917923.jpgI dunno, man. I’m giving it all I’ve got. DADDY? DADDY!? CAN YOU HEAR ME?! AM I DOING IT RIGHT?! IS THIS WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO?!

I wish I paid more attention to you. I’m sorry I’m such a disappointing freak. A fucked up sad, little girl, with motherfucking daddy issues. WTF. I hate everything about me and everything I do. I guess I just want to be useful.


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