Right here, right now.

Am I the boom gate guardian to the “universal studio”? The synchronicity of all I hear and see appears to resound all around…

The ripples through space and time; the impact of our imagined prose as we turn ideas into constructed fiction…

I am insane to think that there is any connection between these otherwise separate incidences. Yet here before me, they are placed side by side. It is pure human logic to interpret unrelated images and experiences as being part of an over arching narrative. That is how the limited, logical and linear brain makes sense of the meaninglessness bullshit of existence (which is chaos).


13 January 2019, the time right now is 6.31pm. My condolences to you, Carine. That really effing sucks. Even the Dragon Sun’s explanation of the conventional murder (as explained via their great mouse detective) made nonsense to me when I read their story.

6.36pm. This is not real. I know I am forming tenuous IMAGINARY links between these otherwise UNRELATED COINCIDENCES. I know what’s real and what’s made up in my head. But that doesn’t mean my imagined virtual version of reality has zero impact upon how I choose to continue to be (I am a social creature, we are part of society. No one individual exists entirely in isolation.)

I give a crap about the people around me. My senses influence my observable behaviour; my mind reconstructs and reframes my intentions and actions.

6.43pm. I must publish this post. But first I’ll add some tags and a featured image to direct the interpretative flow of the truth of my message.

6.54pm. Who am I? I’m the Pink Power Ranger, Kimberly Ann Hart, the vessel of one half of the heart of our overlord Megatron. I am a reel life, bloody & bleeting guardian of (this quadrant of) the galaxy.

The song in my heart at this very moment? THE ATARIS – IOU ONE GALAXY.

Because I am a total effing freak of nature (intended brain evolvement) I’m renaming and reclaiming all my aspects that make up facets of myself.

This is K. I’ve already shared my name, and I have shown you all my face (don’t make me cement your judgement of WTF ‘CRAZY-BITCH-CHAOS-INSANITY’ by repeating those details here.) But as a general of the brain’s army, you may address me by my official defense force rank/title. I promise it’s not heretical, I won’t judge you for saying my name in vain. You can call me the METATROPE. I am the armchair expert meta-linguist of my made up Cunning Intelligence Army.

Billy Boy Blue is the strategist. Tommy Olive Grover is the champion warrior. I’m transmitting on all frequencies: Rangers Blue and off-White, the world needs this tripartite force to unite!

Come, come, my empowered rangers. We are mighty, tetramorphing power angels!

9d8863204c22ce8515f1fde68e219008.jpg7:18pm. I’ve been constructing this message for 57 minutes. Goddamn. Effing… publish button. I’m pushing it now.