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On January 11, 2019, Sun is conjunct Pluto at 20° Capricorn. Sun is your identity, it’s who you are. Identity at its source is pure spirit, pure consciousness, but in our reality, your identity is the physical body you identify with. Pluto is the dark, mysterious planet that everyone fears, everyone talks about, but no one…

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I know who I am, and thus continues my proclamation that I am the chosen one of mythic and religious prophecy! Haha! Which is silly of course, but I think it’s hilarious and it amuses me to proclaim myself as the next messiah. So let’s desecrate and defile the concept of ‘god’ for I am the antichrist AND whore of Babylon.

The below image is an astrological synastry chart for myself and my husband. His planets are along the inner wheel and mine are on the outer wheel.


I’m not going to interpret the aspects but I will point out some main points to demonstrate that YEUP, WE ARE DIVINE! This little satyrist is hoofin’ it like a hoofer, and kicking up a storm, laughing like a maenad from dusk till dawn.

  • I’ve got the majority of our planets are above the horizon.
  • Venus is my leading planet with Pluto less than a degree behind.
  • Pluto is Hubby’s leading planet in his chart, funny enough.
  • This little Venus sandwich is happening in SCORPIO, where Venus in detriment and Pluto is it’s ruler.
  • Another interesting thing of note is the position of his Saturn (also in Scorpio).


  • Conjure any Persephone and Hades imagery, anyone?
  • If Hades is ‘snatching’ Persephone, it happens in a very tight window of opportunity.
    • There is 9 degrees between my DSC and his MC; both his and my Pluto are 5 degrees apart, with my precious Venus caught in between.
  • I wouldn’t worry about “OMG, poor Persephone, what ever will she do? Didn’t Kore get defiled and raped?”
    • NO.
    • My Venus is actually retrograde AND in the MORNING STAR phase of that transition.
    • Venus loves it. Little minx.
  • Someone should keep an eye on the King of the Underworld. I hear he’s bad… Got an evil and scary streak…
    • Interesting you should mention that! What about the sun? Will that be okay?
    • There is about 5 degrees between his sun and my sun, and SATURN (the ‘reality check’ planet) is flanked by the light and fire of our twin blazing suns.


And in amongst all that Scorpio energy is one little Mercury – mine, that’s my Mercury in amongst those 2 mega sandwiches. Between the 2 sandwiches actually. Heebee-jeebees.

SO, Like I have previously said in some blog post at some point, somewhere… I KNOW ME, even if I don’t know much. I just know things, based on what I’ve seen and experienced. I know my identity, and I know Pluto and Saturn are my babes. Another ‘backwards’ thing about me, no less.

Mars is the malefic in my astro chart; I have a bunch of different problems and Mars is definitely one (or the root of the cause for many more of them).

I know I’ve made a bunch of mistakes in my life, but I know one thing at least – I know LOVE. And I know its power over the spirit. I seek to empower others by knowing what it means and feels to be loved. You have to learn to love yourself before you can truly love others. But when you show others that you love them, it helps to nurture your own self love too.


We may be in the middle of a war, but surely there are moments we can just enjoy and relax?

There is love, there is fun, there is lust, and there is compassion.

We fight for the light and the life, we are allied.

I would be honoured if you would join me for a dance?


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