PRACTICAL GUIDE to showing your support for and KALLIOPE

1.    Reblog, share, like or comment. It’s always nice to receive recognition and appreciation. BARE MINIMUM (least amount of work for anything, for you or me.)

2.    Donate dollars via PayPal. This helps to prove to my hubby “see? People care what I have to say! And they’re putting their money where their mouth is!”

3.    TRANSACTIONAL engagement – Give me money in exchange for goods and/or services.

  • Tarot Tradie, pseudo-psychic – Purchase a tarot or “psychic” reading. This is ultimately what I want to spend the majority of my time doing. Because I like helping and advising people on stuff. Or don’t purchase. Collaborate. conSCIENCE™ 
  • Educational consultant – I’m formally trained in English (text and writing) and Art (theory, history, cinema studies, society and culture). Professional (informal training) experience (minimum of 6 months) includes Learning Support, Special Education, and TAS (Technical and Applied Studies)
  • Tutor, teacher, guide, mentor, counsellor.

1.    GENERAL – This type of engagement would be an ongoing relationship.

2.    SPECIFIC – I can help create lesson plans/outlines/guides to help teach you how to learn for yourself

3.    SPECIFIC – I can just help you learn about and understand that one specific thing you present to me.

  • Freelance writer – Hire me to write some shit about some shit. More $ you pay me, more effort I exert.
  •   Column Contributor – Creative writing and poetry, personal essays, ongoing whatever pops-into-my-head.
  •  Guest writer – Not much of a person for GHOST WRITING, because I like getting credit for my shit. This type of writing would usually be me in response to an external source of stimuli.
  • FEATURED AUTHOR – A completely original thing written by me. Much like the whole Campaign Antichrist thing I started here.

4.    Bestow an OFFERING – Buy me stuff, and ensure I actually receive it.

  •  I like stuff, and the stuff I like doesn’t always cost money. It could be a trinket, a referential resource, or even a direct dedication and acknowledgement on your web page/post or something.
  •  It could be an actual thingy from any of my wishlists I have online.


You decide how you’re going to demonstrate your devotion(to ME, because this whole thingy is my personal vehicle for golden-calf-of-(self)-idol-worship), which I will refer to as different types of “currency

(Hint: MONEY. Physical real-world applicable currency is my preferred token of transactional trade.)
  • DIGITAL currency – doesn’t cost anything on your part except maybe links and trafficMinimal actual effort for anyone.
  • PHYSICAL currency – MONEYMinimal effort on your part. Maximum effort on mine.
    • Purchase something, pay for one of my services.
    •  Voluntary donation of dollars through PayPal.
  • COGNITIVE currency – the free exchange of KNOWLEDGE and ideas. Variable degrees of executable effort.
    • We collaborate, communicate and connect with each other for the growth and ultimate betterment of humanity. Spiritual shit. Ideal channel for TEACHING & LEARNING.
    •  Links and shit are super easy to attach to give credit where credit is due.


·         If I have not linked credit, it’s because I don’t know where it came from, or I AM THE CREDIT. IT came from my own head and therefore IS MINE.

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