DRBZ – LOL B4 2nd lunch 18.11.18

Information prior to the 18th November official-ish launch of

I’m essentially a neurotic list maker. So… here ya go…


An arbitrary date so I have a deadline to work towards.

Everything prior to this date is just me testing the waters, playing dress-up and whatever. Experimentation within the blogosphere.

1.    Dr. Kalliope is a pseudonym for my online identity.

2.    Modern Mystic Mother is my webdomain (and WordPress blog) where I do the majority of my online communicationMMMOTHER (or any other associated tags/titles that begin with the prefix mmm… are just marketing stuff I made up to help represent my MULTI-NICHE-FACETED weirdo hybrid monstrosity of a “brain” and “indentity”.

·         #MMMESSIAH – my war on god, religion, and language.

·         #MMMANIAC – mental health, psychology, psychiatry, personality related stuff

·         #MMMOTHER – I’m a university trained educator, a biological mother, a physiological lover, a metaphorical goddess, a chronological mortal…. And a whole bunch of other descriptions that I may or may not list right here, right now.

3.    I LOVE. That’s it. I just love and like a whole bunch of stuff. This website is all about me sharing the stuff I love and like. I feel a whole gamut of emotions which range from universal LOVE to psychopathic RAGE.

4.    Prior to NOVEMBER 18, I’m just wildly flailing my arms and spinning in circles doing whatever the fuck, whenever, however and so forth. Until I figure out what the hell I’m trying to mostly achieve (as determined by the engagement of my audience)

  •  I like a whole variety of stuff. I want to glorify others.
  • I am pissed off about a whole variety of stuff. I want to TRAMPLE & KILL those specific thingys.
  • Narcissistic rantings and ravings seem to be what draws people in. But I need cold, hard, indisputable CURRENCY to validate my-online-presence to my-offline-companions.




Kalliope reveals her face and her name.

There is actually a real person behind all the bravado. And I will reveal myself  on the public digital sphere to give legitimacy and credence to the principles which I stand by.

A controversial CITIZEN of the local and global community. (I’m scared that whatever shit I may say on here will have bullshit ramifications on my physical, real-world, professional sphere.)

Why? Because I’m a professionally trained and accredited educator. I hold a position of “influence” on the nurturing and development of young people’s minds. This whole thing has been motivated by me smooshing and transfusing these different aspects of my-self together into ONE thingy.

OWNING MY OWN SHIT, all of it, isn’t pretty. It isn’t desirable. It isn’t easily controlled or manipulated. It’s how I know I’m a fucking GODDESS, a force to be reckoned with. And as such I will inevitably be on the receiving end of some fucked up consequences.

So much to do, too much to say, so little time to explain…

I am finite on time and physical energy. So if you like the shit that you see on this website, I WOULD APPRECIATE TITHES AND OFFERINGS so I can justify to my husband that blogging is a worthwhile pursuit.