If you seeker, follow this mystic fool – Spirit Keepers Tarot

According to Benebell Wen’s Book of Maps (the accompanying guide to her Spirit Keepers Tarot deck), the fool card is keyed to represent the significator. There are 3 types of mystic fools to represent the type of query and/or the stage one is on their spiritual journey.




You know how I tend to say I am backwards? If you take a look at the image you’ll damn well see that “I friggen told you so!”

I say that because, reading from left to right, it can be seen that the spirit descends through the various emanations (sciences) to manifest itself on the material realm in search of experience. Now, since I am so damn full of life experience, the centre card reveals that – yeah, shit yeah… I am totally out to science the conscience. My whole damn self identifying archetype is the mad artist-scientistSmooshing the unsmooshable.

There are so many darned ideas and stories and threads to explore, and I tend to get lost in the minutiae of each and every potential building block. LAY THE FOUNDATIONS, K! OMFG.

I realise that in my endless SLOTH-LIKE powers of super procrastination and dazzling distracting presti-digital-isation (spirit fingers, woo!), I never actually FORMALLY interpreted my personal overarching reading for 2019.



I think it’s pretty evident that whether you follow me or not, I’m laying claim to this here land and intend to build my empire (even if it’s just a mound of dirt).

Don’t worry about whatever I choose to name my headings. I’m just full of different words and play, spurred on by my compulsion to name just about any stuff. It


2019 – Manifesting Lady Crazy’s Butterfly Town


I am the seeker in this spread. The card on the left is the energy I have within me that I am bringing in to the new year, which is represented by the card on the right.

  1. The Priestess (High Priestess) – Sanctuary of Isis
  2. The Seeker (Fool) – Spirit in Search of Science
  3. The Vagabond Rx – 5 of Orbs (pentacles) reversed

Without explaining the significance of the various symbols used in the cards, I’ll just get on with it. I feel like I am too divergent in my waffling words, I digress too far whatever ‘philosophical’ notion I attempt to express…

I implore you to see the cards as a ‘sandwich’. If I am the seeker in the centre, then I see the Priestess as my crown and the Vagabond as my shadow. The vagabond is reversed thereby it is in the perfect position to act as my own servitor. My shadow protects me, and stay with me by my feet. My shadow doesn’t try to cast me into shadows.

I see the two outer cards as coming together to form a TEMPLE, or a building. A structure of sorts. I am in the centre before the looking glass (the transparent crystalline divide), I stand between the tapestry of the inner sanctum and the brickwork of the material world.

I’m not some special snowflake though. This is how I generally see all people, we are all carriers of the divine potential. Anyone could be this, manifest this. It’s just really knowing yourself and your power/influence IN the world, not ON the world…


thus here, Metatrope, so deigns this tarot girl…

the Kempress of Records


11 January 2019, 10:21pm; I just remembered I constructed the above tarot spread last year to mark out ‘a map’ of the various aspects of my self. I considered it incomplete as I didn’t know which tarot archetype to use to represent me as I am, my self in the present and physical world.

I know archetypes, and I know myself. I could be any of the major arcana depending on a number of influencing factors. I didn’t want to limit myself to the Fool because of the connotative interpretations people may attribute to the image.

However now, right now, I realise that I was always the mystic fool – the quintessential wise foil of my world. I am flippant, frenetic, furious and funny. ‘Fucked up’ in a whole bunch of any-which-ways, whatever and however you want to take it.

Also, in hindsight, I’m like OMFG THAT’S MY 2019 SOLAR RETURN COMPASS POINTS. Since last year was the turning of my astrological wheel, anticlockwise by 90 degrees. In my natal chart Taurus was my ascendant and Leo was my empty nadir. In the above tarot spread you can see that the hierophant is at the bottom position now and the strength card (or LUST, because this is a Thoth based deck) is where my descendant would be.

The Hierophant corresponds with Taurus (my Ascendant and moon sign) and the number 5 (my life path number).

Screenshot_20181222-085912_World Numerology - Android Phones.jpgThe above column graph shows the distribution of the numerological energies that influence my essence. That’s basically my numerological profile represented as a graph instead of a numerical chart.

  • A SHIT TON OF 5 (29.5%), the number of CHAOS AND CHANGE.
  • Followed by 2 (14.5%) the number of duality and polarity.
  • 6 and 8 (14% each) represent harmony, and successful materialisation as the result of a strong, structural foundation.

For all my perceptive capabilities and creative approaches to seeing (or grasping at phantom) connections, it does no good without other people to help guide me and support whatever I’m trying to build. Without other people, I just get too LASER FOCUSED EYE-OF-SAURON on whatever the heck, and end up destroying my own ‘tower of babel‘ myself…




My goal to conjure and build an empire of akashic records is not the gauge of which I mark my level of success. The goal is the end point (future) and although it is something to look towards and give hope, we may be marching onwards but we are still only wherever we are at the present moment.


The journey along the path is the present, and the fact that we have nimble bodies with sensory capabilities tells me that we’re allowed to have fun along the way. Join hands, dance, sing, laugh, run, swim, spar, play. That’s the gift of experience, of living a life worth having. You can be as efficient as you want, but it’s pretty wearisome having to trudge on alone.


Money talks; monkey walks; Monty Python’s Spamalot.

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Gesture of appreciation

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