DRBZ – What has informed me and my methods?

Numerology associations. Mathematical concepts and methods of calculation.

Astrology – the symbolism of the glyphs, the planets, the signs, the modes, the polarities, the elements. types of astrology… synastry, combined charts, past lives, medical, horary, personality, psychology, electional and mundane astrology.

Psychology – mental illness. family history, the uprising of various “diagnoses” and stuff. developmental psychology, learning styles, “brain washing”, hypnosis, trance, brain waves, sublimation, coping mechanisms, cognitive function, memory, brain development, the role of sleep as action and symbol.

History, The future, Philosophy, Religion, spirituality. Various ways of getting up the mountain. Everything is essentially the same, but changes with time.

Mythology – a means of understanding the past, to unlock the secrets to the universe, the reason for existence, the structure of narratives, archetypal energies/entities, the truth and whose version of the truth. confusing interrelationships between the gods, they are all allegory and thus their roles and shit change. depends on the story, the story teller, the meaning, the pantheon, the history, the moment in history. contextual understanding.

Symbolism – semiotics, geometry, gematria, linguistics, morphemes, phonemes, phonetics, kabalah, body language, tone, altar, ritual, divination, belief.

Everyone is the same, and everyone is different. Harmonising old cliches… The truth and essence of the message, and the necessity that we keep repeating them.