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Rerun 006. The paradox of Empathy and Psychopathy

19.DEC.2018@04:05AM – Publishing this drafty post.

This here is one of the very first posts I had written on WordPress. (the 6th post actually, now that I’ve gone back and counted, lol. ). I was reading a post Benebell Wen wrote about the paradoxical quandary of the empath and their empathy, the post I am referring to in question was late in 2017 maybe.

…all the way back in 16th August 2018

My partner and I had a discussion not too long ago about defining the difference between an empath and the feeling of empathy. Somewhere along the line it then morphed into the delineation between empathy and psychopathy.

Because the argument is not necessarily about ones empathic abilities but rather the sense of responsibility one places on themselves in relation to acting on behalf of their empathy.

Let me present to you Empathy and her shadow, Psychopathy. An infuriatingly inadequate exposition, limited by my terrible sense of timing. The timing of my need to write is ever so out of sync with my real world responsibilities.

The ability to perceive another person without judgement is empathic, the intuitive ease of traversing the distance between the self and other would indicate where one stood on the axis between “empathetic” (hard aspect) and “empathic” (soft aspect). The other axis would relate to one’s sense of responsibility once they understand the perspective of the other.

Essentially once you have taken the time, effort and opportunity to understand someone else, what do you then do with that information? Provided there was something (anything, regardless of difficulty or inconvenience) within your power to do so? An empath would give, always. They are emotionally attached to the other. Or they value the emotional attachment. The “other” takes priority to the empath.

The psychopath would not give unless it was convenient, if they wanted to. Not necessarily out of selfish disdain either, but because they place importance on the “self” in the equation.
Of course there are negative connotations associated with psychopathy. Please don’t misunderstand my use of it here.