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Welcome, welcome. Please come closer and let me smell you. Good, fresh, hungry for killing. Me too.

Come now, first let’s eat; then we can hunt and kill the visions of imaginary gods.

(or just fuck with people)

BOO! haha. Douche bag.

What has influenced my ideology?

Mythology. The deities and their shenanigans immortalised through narrative. Their personalities and proclivities so prepotent that they transcended continents, countries, cultures, communities and communication.

Every transformation, transmutation and metamorphosis splintered the constellations of their characters and circumstantial kismet. Their identities are fragmented throughout history however their essences remain. Secularism is the new spirituality: the gods of Religion wrestle with the multifaceted figures of the irreligious.

Pearls of wisdom may be found in the myths and legends of the past. The mythological characters of primeval pantheons were prototypic narratives of the human experience.

The celestial collective are concealed within the contemporary concepts of ARCHETYPES.

I enjoy reading about mythology. My curiosity is never sated as I inspect the rich tapestry of history to discover the characters and narratives and relationships and manipulations (of both immortals and men) woven into the fabric of human knowledge and recorded memory.

I don’t discriminate, I delight in deities from various pantheons and orders. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have my favourites… I enjoy discerning familiar characteristics and circumstances, drawing parallels between particular personal and planetary pith.

This blog is really just an amalgamation of various mythological entities that I associate with myself, and with each of my family members. I recognise our relationship dynamics and the roles that we play in each others lives; reflective of symbolic relationships, archetypal characters, pairs and symbols.

Ideally, I would like to develop an interactive graphic. The “end look” doesn’t matter as much as the actual function. But how can I expect it t function without an idea of what it will look like? I don’t care what it looks like, what is important right now is to get the beginning of the idea out in the open and public.

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