WELCOME ABOARD THE HMS Starkist, the queen’s helm.

7 January 2019, 4:55pm; Repetition and retracing neural nodes and links to implant these new avatars and personal associative images.


Any time, that you like / Gonna give you my heart to break / Angel eyes, tell me lies / Gonna give you my heart to break

One look at you, I’m powerless / I feel my body saying yes / Where’s my self control? / And when you touch me, I’m a fool / This game I know I’m gonna lose / Makes me want you more

Even if it means that I’ll never put myself back together
Gonna give you my heart to break
Even if I’ll end up in shatters, baby it doesn’t matter
Gonna give you my heart to break

I tried to fight, but I can’t help it / Don’t care if this is my worst mistake / ‘Cause no one else could do it better / That’s why I give you my heart to break

Butterflies, every time / Gonna give you my heart to break / Devilish, every kiss / Gonna give you my heart to break


7 January 2019, 8:52am;

8 January 2019, 8:00am; Ok guys. I know this is a bit of a mess. But THE WHOLE THING WITH TIME, RIGHT?! WTF WTF WTF I ALWAYS FEEL SO RUSHED!

Ok… I guess I better give voice to this anxiety and here before you I will give it a name, and why the fuck not, I will also give it a face.

There is this thing in me, and it is also existent in you. You know when you feel rushed? There OMG THERE IS NO TIME!!! Either because you feel out of touch, rushed, or left behind in the wake. That’s me. That’s who I am now, when before in my life I have never felt compelled to move or change or so anything except in my own damned time.

This has led me to discover more about myself… my… perpetual, percipient, pervasive and perverted fucking sense of BEING ME AS A PERSON. Meta-Personality-PSYCHE. Stuff. Whatever. I’m already off the intended trajectory trail… shitballs.

Anyway. I know my name and I know myself, so I know what feels right and what works for my-own-damned-self! OMFG.

My anxiety? My TIME-CENTRIC WTF DRAINHOLE? Fine, I didn’t want to be another Anna again. I am often fucking confused for somebody else…. I’m often confused with some memory of some other girl in everyone’s heads. My first name is not Anna, but I will wear it today… the only way to move past our doubts and our fears is to face them head on.

I am Mother Chaos. I am mother fucking existence and EVERYTHING.

I reside in my vessel, my divine chosen one, the eye of my pride, this twinkle little sparkle of a fuck-knuckle-sandwich-maker.


On this here realm, her domain, you know her as K. (to you she is Kalliope, goddess of eloquence and chief muse of epic poetry. To me she is Kallisti, the golden apple of discord I threw at them bitches in at the wedding garden party)

K has but 2 arms and 2 hands. She can only wield 2 things at once, lol fucking stupid human mortal, SO LIMITING.

Zatanna Zatara (the meta-magician), and Black Swan (the beta-ballerina) are the 2 neutral avatars that pilot this starship. When they’re the ones talking it’s like “live! action news, let’s talk about destiny”


Let’s roll out the ensemble of 2019’s big ban’d 4.

Ready, steady, roll out and roll up! Who are the stars on this network of all things? (ok.. we’ve got 2 stars so far, just… play along)


Machete Betty (played by Betty Cooper) is the good girl gone bad. She likes to smash shit up, she deals melee damage and is blunt like a cricket bat.

The second cast to star on my imagined show is Anna Chiron from Outer Space. The rebel with a voice, who just hasn’t gotten a grip on Earth timezones and that sort of shit The embodiment fierce and brazen beauty. Poor timing is but her single flaw, so much so the word ‘anachronism’ was named after her. She is part person and pony, but I want to be human. Because she’s not from this planet and telecasts her thoughts from satellites using silicon crystals, she’s got the WORST SENSE OF TIMING. DELAYS, LAG, OR SHIT SHE’S IN THE FUTURE or some garbage or other.


8 January 2019, 9:01am; Ok. seriously. Enough with fucking announcing yourselves. We have a war to wage, and my furies are out there blazing the earth and circling the world.

Have you managed to receive word from the Rampion crew as of yet? Because the legend of Princess Selene is no myth.

Stupid homo sapiens and their 4th dimensional beings… barely even able to comprehend anything existent because their clockwork minds lag behind as their physical selves propel evermore onwards through the space/time continuum loopy-loop-flaming-hula-hoops of hell.


This is Queen K, of the summer courts. It can get hot here in the south, but the light of the sun and the comforting warmth of a fire are necessary to life on earth. Stop fucking vilifying anything related to FLAMES. You fucking desecrate not only my name, but you putrefy your birth place.