Rerun 005: The price for my gift

I have a gift that I want to use. I offer it to you, the public. I will require payment. I know I am good with … something? The boundaries of which are not quite defined…

I know what I am good at, and I know that one should aim to capitalise off of their talents as a means of compensation for time and energy spent. Over the past year I have learned that my soul’s infinite desire to give and to learn is impeded by the physical limitations of my body in time, space, and in energy production and regulation.

I read tarot cards, study astrology charts, and genuinely enjoy conversing with people about themselves. I do all of this because I like to learn about people as much as I like to learn about myself. I don’t know if I attract people who need to unload their issues, or if I am the one to seek these types of people out.

Regardless, in the end a symbiotic exchange takes place where they sate my love of learning and I leave behind a gift just for them. What is in this remarkably wrapped present? I don’t always know, but it will be personal and specific for that particular person.

I would love to practice my gift, to test my own capabilities and limitations. I have found that people (who freely volunteer themselves for my practice) often value what I have to share with them. Yay, their satisfaction alleviates my self-doubt! So much of my self-perception hinges on my ability to give and then I interpret the recipient’s reception of the gift.

Oh dear… What am I trying to say?

I would like to continue to practice developing my “psychic” abilities through reading tarot cards and astrology charts of strangers, in exchange for that has tangible worth. It may be books, documents, a physical gift/trinket, or (ideally) money.

I am not yet comfortable setting a base price as there are those “hagglers” who will try to take advantage and unfortunately they just don’t see beyond themselves. Prices can change as the energy output can change, the preparedness and receptivity of each individual is not always the same.

If you are willing to negotiate a price, I may be of service to you. If you are unwilling to negotiate/talk it out, there is nothing for you here.