Betwixt these bleeding channels

Tie me down, a tourniquet,

The thumping beats thunderous.

A flash of electricity strikes

Paperbark kindling behind these eyes.

Alignments and allegiances…

I’ve been played the fool before.

The green soldier betrayed me

For but 30 pieces of silver.

The owl and coyote warned me

To tread carefully for ill was coming.

I didn’t understand but they have vanished

Their footprints washed away on the Sandalphon.

This vulpine warrior, a shape shifting summoner, has been searching high and low in all realms she knows.

Tommy Oliver, the green power morphed his ranger to white.

Raphael, the red ninja, a result of the enemy’s perverted mutation symbol of Hermes.

I cannot… I will not define or call out or cry.

I will not be deceived, I will not fall for tricks.

The inner core of the tourmaline throne, I am seated thymus control deck.

Each war has 4 sides.

I have said… too much. Or not enough.

Or… nonsense of knotscience.

Metatrope Kitsune 5

Roland still holds out hope though, for Swarley.