DRBZ – I have Hermes in my head

Is this some form of trickery? No. But I do love satire.


Huzzah! You found me! Or at least you have found my domain. The fields appear fallow to the apathetic eye, but I invite you to stay a little while. Perhaps if you would care to gaze out unto the wasteland and open your mind to me, you might just see a shimmer of some ephemeral spectre. A mere snippet of my schema, a vision of my unborn empire.

I’ve never been great at doing things alone… I need your help… But are you willing? (to impart some shillings?)

I am but a purveyor of words – I don’t build, I provoke! But here I am, dragged out into the public sphere by the invisible fists of fate; my vulnerability a spectacle for your pleasure. I’m not resentful at all, thought I could allow myself to be. No, the narcissist in me delights in the attention for now I have an audience AS WELL as my own narrative. I was so done wearing the cloak of the NPC, but this life of a protagonist isn’t as glamorous as I’d imagined….


Milk straight from the source of the ma-ma-ry titties. because breast is best.


Once I delighted in the alliterative moniker of modernmysticmother. The air moving from my mouth, the corners of my pursed lips curled in a coy smile. modernmysticmother is somewhat of a mouthful. The sound of “M” is actually quite suggestive. It is a sound we make when our bodies experience pleasure or pain. Maybe I’ll shorten it to mmmother…

Words to remember me by.

Scorpio. Taurus. Stubborn. Balanced. Intense. Obsessive. Creative. Cavalier. Sensual. Aesthetic. Provocative. Soothsayer. Wicked. Unassuming. Independent. Boundless. Chaotic. Wise. Inane. Sane. Celestial molecular being.


How did we ever manage to get this far?

Lady Luck’s lover entwined us together…

Why does everything have to be so hard?

Two naked lovers writing together,

bloodying their souls on their shared bed of nails…


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