You should trust me, I’m a doctor.


Kalliope wears a bunch of different hats and utilises a variety of masks in her daily life. This is to protect the world around her from the intensity of light that she contains within. Someone will need to wear sunglasses for YOUR protection.

Meet Kalliope – the mind, mortal & muse behind the mothershits and

  • Mortal – Kalliope, just doing stuff, writing stuff, about stuff.
  • Mage– Mercurian mind, quick wit, sharp tongue, nimble individualist.
  • Muse– Scientific spirit, liminal luminousity, unassuming well of wisdom.



Dr. Kalliope, Spin Doctor.

Warning: Proceed with caution.

I write facts, not fiction. I am not creative although I can recreate. I say speeches, I don’t write them.

I have a post graduate university education, a functional family and a disturbed mind

All stories and narrations and essays and anything really, are entirely 100% factual. Nothing on this website or anything that I wrote could be considered 100% respectful


Section 1.:?,  Total self promotion of ideal.

Provocateur of thought. Advocate for educational equity, accessibility of knowledge. A rogue ally for humanity; a modern Prometheus lighting up the liminal spaces. A contemporary channel for creativity, critical thinking and consideration.

Sshhh…. mmmother is here now, you don’t have to worry. She will wipe your tears, provide a good cuddle and some emotional blackmail. You should all know better. By facing our fears and acknowledging our pain it helps us to move forward with knowledge and understanding. Life is a series of lessons, get an education.

See Dr Kalliope for a good anecdote to cure your troubles. Book a divination session, or even as an educational tutor. She loves people and just likes to talk, and help them out with whatever it is they need assistance. Seeking advice isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s the marker of a mind that is wise.


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